In Office Classes!

Starting June 1st we will begin to have 30 minute to 1 hour classes from 2pm to around 3pm in our office, to increase your Mac computer and iPhone knowledge. These classes will be held on the 1st Wednesday and the 3rd Wednesday of the month. The first class of each month will be for […]

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Group Tutoring

Hello everyone, our latest update is as you guessed, group tutoring! This will start up in the beginning of January 2022! Exciting and a great option for an overall education on how to get the best usage on your device and full understanding on how to operate them. What is also amazing is you have

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iPhone Battery Check

Greetings from Mactek and The iPhone Professor! Have you ever wondered if your iPhone battery was performing as efficiently as it should? Well there are ways to check! In this article I will be discussing how to check the battery health of your iPhone. Let’s get started! You may have noticed your iPhone is not

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Our Mural

Here at Mactek we highly value supporting our community.  Bend is a great place mostly because of the people who live here and make it their home.  In order to help make this city more beautiful, we just hired a local artist to create a mural in our parking lot.  Bekah decided to explore the

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Apple Gossip

Apple Insider Reveals Shocking New iPhone XR Design iPhones are already wallet busters (often in surprising ways) and they look set to become even more expensive. But a leak from one of Apple’s most acclaimed insiders reveals a genuinely shocking design change to the iPhone XR which goes a long way towards explaining why. Read More MacTek 

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