Business to Business IT Support, Design, and Services

We understand the importance of your devices working at peak performance. Better technology is crucial for  smooth and efficient business operations. Let us take the stress out of what it takes to make sure your IT infrastructure is FAST, OPTIMIZED, and SECURE!

Moving from your office to your home? We can set it up so you can work from home without skipping a beat.

  • Remote connections
  • Server access
  • Virtual meeting tutorials
  • Computer setup and configuration

Local IT Services!

We’ve been servicing Bend and the surrounding areas for over 10 years – we’re not going anywhere. We can advise you on what hardware, software and other security measures you need, personalized, for YOUR business. We do not do a cookie cutter approach to IT solutions, but rather a customized approach for your specific needs. Saving your business time and money on IT components and subscriptions you might never need.

Locally Managed IT Services for Your Business

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Personalized system designed for your business. 

We do not have packages. Every business has specific needs. This helps reduce cost to your business you won’t use. 

 After your components and software is configured we will happily train you and your employees on how it all works!

We provide classroom like atmosphere or one on one training. Our main goal is to have questions answered and everyone comfortable with the new systems. 

When you’re all set up with new equipment, you and your staff trained and you have any questions – we’re here!

We’re available for all questions or tweaks to your system you might need on an ongoing basis. 

Have you been hit with a Ransom Attack yet? 

Let’s make sure you’re covered so you won’t have to pay to get to YOUR OWN data. 

We can help you to set up to have your data backed up regularly, and make sure that if your system is compromised you have the important info you need.  

Our certified technicians will take care of everything!

We will install and configure computers, printers, routers, network switches and a whole range of other technical equipment.  

Let us work with you on what your needs and goals are. Best of all, we’ll support the hardware so you won’t need anyone on staff to do so. 

Not sure what you might need to make your work flow more efficient? Or what options you might have? 

Learning a new software can be a steep learning curve, but we have you covered. 

We can suggest what programs you might needs and discuss any questions you might have. 

All your tech talking to each other, working together, and letting you work faster and more efficient. 

Yes we can do this. Your systems working together. 


Lets make sure your network, computers and you staff is protected from attacks. 

We can protect your equipment and software and educate you and your staff on what safe. Avoid a Ransomware Attack due to a suspicious email or file.