Computer Repair

Computer Repair

If your computer is broken the first question to ask is “Is it under warranty?”  Apple and PC computers come with a one year warranty on all hardware (good for non-accident hardware failures).  You also may have purchased a 3-year Apple Care plan or an extended PC warranty.  If your computer is covered it is usually best to take it to an Apple repair site and get it fixed for free. If it is a Windows PC then return it to the location it was purchased. To check when your warranty expires or where it can be serviced click here

What to do if your warranty has expired?

This is where Mactek can help you out.  Just give us a call at 541-848-3103 and we will come to your house, tell you what is wrong, fix it on the spot if we can, or explain your options. We are experts on Computer Repair.

Cost is $124 an hour plus the replacement parts if needed.

Popular services we offer:

Hard Drive Upgrade 

If you are out of room on your hard drive we can help.  Hard drive storage has come down in cost significantly over the last few years.  What used to cost $1000, you can now buy for just over $100!  We will install it and transfer all your data to the new hard drive.  It is also a good time to upgrade your old fashioned HDD to a new SSD drive.  They are much faster (20 to 30 times) and more reliable.  This is the best way to fix a “slow” computer.

Ram Upgrade

If you commonly run multiple programs at once or have huge iPhoto libraries, ram will drastically speed up your computer.  All new computers ship with at least 4 gigs of ram because new software is more demanding on your computer. It is quite easy to upgrade and that is why it is so cheap.  If you are buying a new computer and are thinking about upgrading ram, check with us first.  Most of the time it is cheaper to buy the lower end model and have us upgrade the ram after you get it.

Upgrade Operating System 

If your computer is out of date you are more vulnerable to internet threats.  Also things like flash and java all require up to date operating systems.  Apple is very good at cutting off support for old hardware and software.  Don’t be left behind.  This takes about an hour and a half and we would be glad to come to your home or you can drop your computer off at our office if that is more convenient.

iMac and Macbook Hardware Repair FAQs:

Q: Why should I choose you guys to handle my hardware problem?

A: First off, we’re good at repairing hardware. Second, we are much cheaper than any of the other Apple repair shops here in town. Seriously – get a quote from Simply Mac and then ask us and we will definitely be cheaper. Third, we’re fast and friendly! Seems like a pretty good list, eh?

Q: What types of hardware repairs can you do?

A: We can:

  • Swap out a bad hard drive (and recover data and transfer it to a new hard drive)
  • Replace a battery
  • Fix loud/dirty/buzzing fans
  • Replace your LCD or broken glass screen
  • Swap out bad touch pads or keyboards
  • Replace bad ports, such as your charge port, USB port, Firewire, and headphone jack
  • Operating system issues

Q: What computers can you work on?

A: We can work on all models of PC’s, iMac, Macbook Pro, Mac-Minis, and older MacPros and Macbooks. It may be difficult to get parts for older computers, but we’ll always do our best and there no cost for us to give you an evaluation and recommendation

Computer Repair

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