How Small Businesses Can Boost Online Profits Through the Rest of the Pandemic and Beyond

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How Small Businesses Can Boost Online Profits Through the Rest of the Pandemic and Beyond

The coronavirus crisis has impacted consumer shopping behavior in a number of ways, and many of these habits will carry over into a post-pandemic world. According to Digital Commerce 360, more than a third of global consumers shop online each week — an approximately 19 percent increase from before COVID-19 hit. Moreover, about 28 percent of consumers will shop mostly online in a post-pandemic world — while 39 percent plan to mix online and in-store shopping. 

To ensure that your online efforts will remain profitable in a post-pandemic world, there are some steps your small business can take today. Read on for the following tips from MacTek to find out how!

Enhance the Online Shopping Experience

The consumer shopping experience is crucial to attracting and retaining online and in-person customers — and remaining profitable through the rest of the pandemic and beyond. And if your small business has been operating solely online amid the pandemic, it’s important to make the online shopping experience as enjoyable as possible. 

To boost the consumer experience while visiting your online store, work with a professional web designer to create a professionally designed website that’s attractive, easy to use, and mobile-friendly. You could also offer perks such as free or discounted shipping, and use social proof as part of your digital marketing strategy. Social proof can help your small business to gain consumer trust, as this gives your customers a chance to share photos, comments, and testimonials to your social media platforms. 

Accelerate the Order Fulfillment Process

As an online seller, one of your many responsibilities is to ensure that your customers are able to place orders as quickly and easily as possible — and receive their orders in a timely manner. If customers learn they cannot receive orders in a timely fashion, they may abandon their shopping carts, cancel the orders altogether, or avoid shopping with your business in the future. 

As such, it’s important to develop an effective system for fulfilling orders, which may include the following:

  • Using simple and accessible customer order forms
  • Building strong collaborative relationships with other members of the supply chain
  • Creating and following supply chain standards that have been mutually agreed upon

Keep Accurate Records

To run a stable and profitable business, it’s crucial that you’re tracking your finances. Not only does keeping accurate records inform future purchases and hiring, but it can keep you out of trouble come tax time. Instead of doing this work on your own, consider bringing in a freelance accountant. You should also use software that makes it easier for you to track your employees’ time. You can actually grow your team by tracking their time because doing so allows you to pay your current employees exactly and efficiently for the work they’re providing, and in turn, you’ll know exactly how much you can allot to hiring help in other areas of your business. Choose an option that makes it easy for your employees to clock in and out and that has a mobile app that allows them to submit their time worked directly from their smartphones.

Boost Your Marketing Efforts

In addition to enhancing the online shopping experience and accelerating the order fulfillment process, there are some other steps you can take to ensure that your online efforts will pay off as we transition into a post-pandemic world — and many have to do with marketing and advertising. 

To survive and thrive throughout COVID-19 and beyond, for instance, a top-notch marketing strategy will be key. This means running an email marketing campaign, generating sales with pay-per-click (PPC) ads, and offering your products and services both on- and- offline. Some consumers will return to in-store shopping once the pandemic ends, but most plan on combining in-person and online shopping. Therefore, your online efforts shouldn’t end just because the pandemic does. 

A Final Word

Throughout the pandemic, small businesses around the world have fought tirelessly to stay afloat — and many have had to move online in order to survive. However, the above mentioned strategies can help small businesses to boost online profits now and in a post-pandemic world — even once consumers return to in-store shopping.

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