We’re Friendly!

I know it sounds a little funny to make a claim like this, but honestly, we're some of the friendliest people you'll meet, and there's rarely a day where we get up on the wrong side of the bed. Part of it is that we get to support Macs and Apple devices, which are a lot less of a headache than PCs, but regardless - we're honestly just excited to get to help you solve whatever kind of problems you're having, and we always do it with a smile. :-) Andrew Gorman and Matt Farrell - Bend Oregon iPhone, iPad, iMac, and Macbook repair techs

We’re Experts!

We've been using Macs for a long long time (ie. since we were 5 years old), and we know Apple products inside and out (literally - we disassemble them all the time). We can diagnose your problem and give you the best solution in no time flat!

Whether its a quick question about syncing your iPhone to your iCloud, or if you need a complete Mac Pro Server with a 20TB RAID Array for your business - we can handle it! We can even help make your Apple products play nice with your PCs and Android devices.

Take a look at the Services we specialize in, and then feel free to give us a call (541-848-3103) or send an email.

We’re Fast and Affordable!

Compared to the other options you have here in Bend, Oregon, we're both faster and more affordable. We can schedule you in for on-site help or a repair in our shop much faster than Connecting Point, and we charge a lot less to boot! Since we don't have a fancy huge store with all kinds of overhead to support, we can charge you less and get your problem solved ASAP! Mac Repair Bend Oregon