Business IT Support

Mac and PC Office and IT Support


We understand how important smoothly-running technology is for a business.  We can advise you on products, set up your office, configure your machines, and then teach you how to use it all. We are Certified Apple Support Providers who have extensive knowledge on what it takes to run a business. Whether you work by yourself at home or if you run multiple computer labs, we can help.

An example Mac office setup that Mactek would use in Bend, Oregon

Business IT Support FAQ’s

Q: Can you help us figure out what we need to be productive?

A: Yes! We are up to date on all the latest hardware available. We will sit down with you and design a system that will take care of all your needs. We will make it scalable so it can grow with your business. We take care of everything including cables, printers, routers, switches…. and anything else you will need and make sure it is in your price range. We work around your schedule to minimize down time.

Q: How long does the process usually take?

A: The initial assessment usually takes one to two hours. We will have a bid to you the next business day with several options for your consideration. After you accept our offer, it usually takes a week to ship all the components. The install time is dependent on your specific system but on average it takes about 3-4 hours to set up and test everything.

Q: Do you offer continuing support?

A: Definitely. After your system is set up and working, we will instruct you and your employees on how to use everything. This can be either one on one or in a classroom environment. We will make sure everyone is comfortable and knowledgeable of their new systems. After everyone is happy, we will continue to be available for any questions or tweaks.

Q: Do you support both Apple and Windows computers?

A: We do offer limited support for windows computers but we specialize in Macs. We also collaborate with a local windows specialist. That way if we can not help you, we can find someone who can.

Q: How can I get this process started?

A: Give us a call at 541-848-3103 or you can send us an email directly at