Tesla Obsessed

It may come as no surprise that not only do we love computers and gadgets but we also love Tesla. Andrew Goodlad , Tesla’s UX/UI Designer has created an interactive mockup of the Tesla Model 3 UI which you can play around with online, and we have enjoyed playing around…some of us at MacTek may have also […]

Photos for OS X: Apple’s new program to do away with Aperture and iPhoto

Apple has recently announced that they will be doing away with Aperture and iPhoto, and replacing it with a new program called Photos for OS X. In Apple’s usual style they are keeping everything very hush-hush. However, they did send out a very cryptic image (below) of what the program “may” look like. It appears […]

Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are  some useful keyboard shortcuts that most people do not know about.  I got these tips from the huff post article.  Now if I can only remember them! 1.  If your boss walks by while you’re reading this article, press… COMMAND + W Command + W quickly closes the current tab on your web […]

Buy a New Mac in Bend?

We have a lot of great things in Central Oregon, and fortunately hundreds of thousands of people is not one of them.  On the negative side, however, this means that there is a very small chance of getting Apple to build a store here.  Luckily, there are a few options consumers in Bend, Oregon. If […]