Cyber Attacks: How to Stay Safe

This morning we woke to the widespread news about the latest cyber attack called Wanna Cry. The start of if began last Friday in Asia and has spread globally. This ransomware is asking those who are infected with the virus to pay a minimum of $300 dollars to restore the encrypted files. Please do not pay.

Who is Affected by Wanna Cry:

This attack was on theWindows operating system.

People using PCs and who have not updated their Windows PC operating systems recently are vulnerable. Have a Mac? You are safe. But please check out our tips below and keep yourself safe from any future attacks.

How to Protect Yourself Against Cyber Attacks:

  1. Make sure all your data is backed up to an external hard drive. That way, if you ever become infected with a virus, your computer can be cleaned, restored, and your data, which has been safely stored away from your computer, can be placed back on your computer.
  2. Install an anti-virus and anti-spyware program on your computer.
  3. Keep a hardware firewall between your system and the internet. In addition, install firewall software on your computer.
  4. Stay up to date on your operating system updates as these often contain security patches. Installing updates automatically can help you keep up with the latest patches.

IMPORTANT: Do not give money, as this opens you up to additional threats to your personal and financial information. And there is never any guarantee that your files will be restored.

Please keep your data safe. Have questions about external drives, anti-virus/anti-spyware software, and firewalls? Give us a callĀ 541-848-3103

Your MacTek Team

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