Scammed on Your Computer?

Recently, we’ve been getting many calls from people who get a screen popping up on their Mac (or PC) saying to call a certain number, or their computer has been infected by a virus or suggesting they connect through a link to a computer chat. Once they do this, they are asked to let someone else “take over” their computer remotely. They are often asked for their credit card information. If this happens to you, they are probably attempting to scam you. Do not call them, do not download anything, do not chat, do not let them take over your computer, try not to click on the link. Immediately, quit (not close, but quit) your browser (a browser is what you use to search the internet and examples are Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.). When you re-open your browser, if the pop-up is still there, then shut down your computer immediately and bring it to MacTek or we can come to your home or business to fix this.

We will also load protection software on your computer so that it is best protected from future attacks.

Up until recently, it was mostly PCs that got viruses and malware (software that’s intended to damage or disable computers and computer systems). Here’s ONE example of what a popup might look like, but this is not the only example.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 11.52.03 AM





If your computer is suddenly running more slowly, it might not be an infection, but give us a call and we can see what’s going on.  Sometimes you just need to upgrade some of your software or hardware. Don’t stress. Don’t worry. We’re here to help.

How to Protect Your Mac and PC from Attack

Sadly, Macs are now just as vulnerable to malicious attacks. For years, it seemed that only PCs got them, but times have changed.

If your Mac or PC is not infected, we can load protection software on it.  (If it’s already been infected, we’ll have to clean it up first, which takes a little more time.) For $40, we’ll talk you through (via phone) installing our favorite anti-virus software and anti-malware (malware is software that is intended to damage or disable computers and computer systems). Just give us a call to make a phone appointment with one of our techs and in just a few minutes, we’ll have you safe and worry-free. This also makes a great gift for anyone — especially someone who is hard to buy for.