Photos for OS X: Apple’s new program to do away with Aperture and iPhoto

Apple has recently announced that they will be doing away with Aperture and iPhoto, and replacing it with a new program called Photos for OS X. In Apple’s usual style they are keeping everything very hush-hush. However, they did send out a very cryptic image (below) of what the program “may” look like. It appears to be a very similar to Aperture but with a simpler edit design much like what you would find with iPhoto.


What Apple has told us is that Photos OS X will make it possible for all your photos to be in one library, and viewable on all your devices. Apple puts great emphasis on the new program having better iCloud accessibility and pairing. What’s more, they briefly talk about better editing options that will improve photo appearance. But again, all information is very vague – we will just have to wait and see what Apple does.



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