What to do about passwords

If you are like 99% of people out there, you either have too many passwords to keep track of, or you only have one password and hope it never gets hacked. Both situations are less then ideal. This is when programs like Lastpass come in. It keeps track of all your passwords and syncs them to all your devices. You can set up a password to log into your electric company’s website from your office, and then check your bills from your iphone and the password will be there! It is even compatible with Blackberries.

I use it daily to sync my passwords between browsers. I switch between Chrome, Safari and Firefox depending on where I am going. Each browser has a good system for remembering passwords but they only keep track for that particular app. Lastpass ensures that you passwords will be remembered regardless of which browser you choose.

The icing on the cake is that you can download lastpass for free. Install it on all you mac and windows computers. They only charge if you want the apps for your phone. Even then it is only $1 a month.

If you are having trouble with passwords, know that you are not alone and there is a solution.